More than just a pretty face

Mother, spouse, older sister, writer, ex-soldier, high school drop-out, dog owner (or dog owned), half couch potato, half intermittent jogger, wannabe renovator and avid reader who watches too much television, sinks too much money in clothes, likes animals more than humans, recycles, wore braces, never downloads copyrighted stuff, was a nerd without the grades, has a belly laugh that turns heads in theatres, can’t stand bullying, is mother hawk more than mother hen, votes even if candidates aren’t that great and thinks formal education is highly overrated (probably because she has none).

Nat is also the cover artist known as Kanaxa (formerly known as Nat, mom, or “hey, you”)

Publishers: Constable & Robinson, Ellora’s Cave, Red Sage, Running Press, and Samhain

Awards and accolades:

  • 2007 Romantic Times Award – Best Paranormal erotic romance for DamNATION
  • 2006 Fallen Angel Recommended Read
  • 2006 FAR Recommended Read
  • 2006 Ecataromance Reviewers’ Choice
  • 2006 Ecata – Best Paranormal Romance
  • 2005 Fantastic First Award – Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Member of:

Little Owl Mentoring Program for young writers


Dear Author – My First Sale Feature (coming December 2010)
“No quote yet”
Dec 10

Literary Escapism
“I have a fixation. Let me show you it.”
Nov 10

Larissa’s Bookish Life
“I’d be a dragon and flatten all those pesky vamps!”
Oct 10

Fierce Romance
“I’d probably run the other way”
Aug 10

The Galaxy Express
“You’re right, world domination is only the first step”
Nov 08